Art Boulle began with an idea: to bring fine arts back into the sphere of design, and bring history into the modern home.  Our namesake is André-Charles Boulle, a French artisan of the 17th century, whose famed skills in cabinetry and furniture design led to his works being displayed in palaces and manors of the time. Currently, Boulle’s work is on display in museums of fine arts and history. Our company takes inspiration from this pioneer of design and incorporates traditional wood and metalworking such as that of Boulle’s within our own designs. Our luxurious pieces proudly adorn the most exclusive residences and businesses around the world, and as a company we continuously strive to refine our crafting and design techniques, to create ever more beautiful designs for the public.

Our company is internationally recognized for quality, handcrafted masterpieces reminiscent of fine art. We are a growing company that strives to imbue each and every one of our projects with the artistry we have come to be known for. Offering custom doors, staircases, gates and exclusive interior design, we strive to fulfill every one of our customer’s needs by working with unflinching dedication and passion. Our drive for excellence is what makes us different from other companies. We employ only the most skilled artisans and designers so that every project that comes out of our company’s facilities is a timeless, original work of art.

What we stand for is quality and customer service, meaning that we work closely with our customers to provide services according to their specifications. Customization of your pieces means that you have the capacity to plan and create a piece that suits your needs, fulfills its function and is an artwork that resonates with your creative vision. Our company can help you to realize your interior and exterior design dreams. With the expertise of our designers and craftsmen, you can create a truly unique, luxurious product for the benefit of your home or business.

With a union of metal and woodworking, we emulate our namesake in crafting the most exclusive pieces of luxury furniture, gates and exteriors, staircases and doors. Our company is driven by a passion for art, meaning we offer exceptional technique, vision and inventiveness. While we are driven by a passion for classical styling, we are also continuously striving to create items and adornments which blend styles. With the capacity to create modern, Avant-garde works as well as traditional ones, we are highly flexible and inventive.

Art Boulle has come to stand for more than just custom adornments, furniture and exterior features. Over the years, we have created a brand that is synonymous with art. Whether you are looking for classical or contemporary pieces, our masterworks are the physical expression of the passion and creative vision which drives us to excel. Art Boulle is more than a name- it is a living, breathing testament to the history of art and the people who endeavour to keep that history alive.

Art Boulle’s head office is located in Toronto, Canada, with branches throughout the world and a facility in Ecuador where our pieces come to life. We look forward to working with you, and to creating a timeless treasure that will be a lasting monument to your legacy. Give us a call at: (416) 781-4969 or toll free at:(844) 887-8338, or send us an email at: