Ornate gates and handcrafted metalwork is what Art Boulle stands for.  Our company is built on our capacity to create beautifully unique products for customers with full customization of the end result.  We build complex designs according to your specifications, your property and your design needs. Our capabilities in complex design are limitless, meaning that our team will work with you every step of the way in crafting a signature metalwork piece perfect for your property. With amazing craftsmanship that comes from the heart of our Ecuadorian facility, our products offer a solution to the repetitive selection available on the market.

Our Gates and Exteriors:

Our company’s craftsmen, gilder and ornament makers create dedicated works of art which radiate beauty. Our customized products are tailored to your property’s specifications and your needs. We create gates and exteriors of any size, scope and artistry. Handcrafted and finished, our gates offer the absolute pinnacle in luxury fencing and decoration.

Our Styles:

We aim to combine antiquity with modernity by blending techniques passed down through generations with our passion for innovation. In combining striking motifs from classical sources, and pairing them with refined metalworking techniques, we are able to create a product ranging stylistically from traditional to modern, according to your needs.

Our Materials:

Our company is internationally recognized for our quality, passion and appreciation for artistry. In order to guarantee a seamless, gorgeous product, we hand-produce most elements of our metal and woodwork. For these reasons, we use only the finest quality materials such as luxury hardwoods, various metals, stained or tinted glass and exotic tints and adorning accents. Using a union of wood and metal, we create gates, fences and ornate, decorative exterior ornaments for high-end homes and businesses. Allow us to demonstrate our capabilities, and create a timeless work of art to adorn your property.

About Metalwork:

Metal work is quickly becoming an important sphere in interior and exterior design. With a growing palate of workable metals, designers can create more sophisticated products for high end homes and businesses. As we always search for originality in our metalwork, blending tradition as well as materials to create modern, functional pieces which emanate beauty and value. Our teams use metalworking for it’s versatility in crafting sophisticated, timeless pieces in both modern and traditional styles for your home or business.

About Our Company:

Our clients respect our capabilities and our ability to offer complete customization of any project. Our passion for fine work means we are able to craft beautiful products worthy of the Edgar Brandt Heritage. We believe that our dedication is what makes our company capable of such quality. Our designers and craftsmen design works of beauty that are as functional as they are decorative, working one on one with our customers to provide an unrivalled measure of customer service and quality, and collaborating with you one-on-one to meet every need and specification.