Your interior deserves the same air of sophistication your exterior boasts. Our company offers custom luxury interior furniture, providing customers with the sophistication and originality they require. Our interior collections boast sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and dining tables, as well as complete interior design sets handcrafted by our skilled artisans. Imbue your home or business with the sophistication it deserves with the help of Art Boulle’s dedicated designers and artisans.

Our Interior Collections:

Featured in New York, the Dominican Republic and Toronto, our interior collections are specifically designed for luxury, high-end homes and businesses. Our design team creates luxury interior furniture from sofas, armchairs and tables to wall adornments and décor. We offer complete, customizable design for single or multiple pieces of furniture. Our team can transform every interior into a completely unique, never before seen work of art. Our exquisite, handcrafted designs will leave visitors in awe of your interior. View our portfolio for more information, or call or email Art Boulle to learn more about what kinds of designs we offer.

Our Design:

Our custom furniture boasts intricate, handcrafted designs that merge the beauty of traditionally made furniture with all the comforts of modern times. With intricate adornments, unique styles and wholesome blends of modern and timeless, we offer complete design of all forms of interior furniture. Browse through our interior design collection to view the dedication our designers devote to each piece of handcrafted furniture and adornment.

Our Materials:

To create gorgeous, unique furniture, we rely on the highest quality materials and in the absolute best craftsmanship to provide our customers with original pieces. We incorporate elements of pearl shell, exotic stones, forged and fused metals, gold and silver, copper, wood carving, luxurious upholsteries and hand-painted finishes.

Our Craftsmanship:

Art Boulle is internationally recognized for our quality, passion and appreciation for artistry in interior design. To produce original items of the highest quality and most exquisite craftsmanship for our customers, we incorporate our sophisticated, time-tested process of collaboration and passion. Our teams of designers take into account the specifications of our customers, incorporating the world’s best talents in every aspect of the craft,  from cast metalwork to woodcarving and upholstery.  Allow our company to amaze you with timeless original designs and create detailed, intricate and beautiful works of art unlike any found in your local interior design stores.


Our Company:

Art Boulle began with a singular dedication to art. Over the years, we’ve come to be internationally recognized for our distinct, traditional style and museum-worthy pieces. We create works for interior and exterior use, from staircases to quality interior decor. Our teams offer complete customization of any project, from the beginning design to the finishing touches, and will gift you with unflinching dedication and passion for high-quality materials and works. Our designers and artisans design work of beauty that is as functional as they are decorative, working one on one with our customers to provide an unrivalled measure of customer service and quality. Allow us to create an interior worthy of a king in your home or business. Call or email us to learn more about what our process looks like, and what we can do for you.