What is an Art Boulle pivot door?

When clients commission a pivot door from our company they expect a masterfully crafted, ornate product with full customization capacity. Our meticulous process allows us to create metalwork that exceeds our customers’ expectations every time, resulting in a wholly original, beautifully crafted product designed with your home or business in mind. Our doors are manufactured in the heart of Ecuador and offer a solution to the repetitive selections available on the market. Experience artistry unlike any other, contact Art Boulle today.

Luxury Exterior Pivot Door

Our Doors

Using historical, traditional forms, our company blends modernity with splendour to create authentic, unique artwork products that are customized for your needs. Our design specialists strive to create unique pieces of timeless quality using techniques passed down through generations. Your pivot doors will be custom-tailored to both your home’s exterior and interior, and they will be handmade from the highest quality materials. In this way, we guarantee a consistently unique product that radiates elegance and style.

System M pivot door

The Pivot Door System

Art Boulle proudly uses the FritsJurgens® System One and System M pivot systems in our installations. These practically invisible systems do not require any structures in the floor or ceiling and are fully mortised into the frame at the top and bottom of the pivot door. Both systems allow for doors weighing up to 500kg, with System One designed for unobstructed 360° rotation with no hold positions, and System M designed for hold positions at 90° and  -90°, with whisper-gentle self-closing between 125° and -125°.

Luxury Wooden Pivot Doors

Our Styles

Making good on our guarantee of full customization, we collaborate with you to create artistic products that fully represent your architectural style and design ideas while incorporating our skills and years of experience.  We specialize in metal and woodworking, meaning we are able to craft exquisite doors in both modern and traditional styles. We strive to blend timeless quality with modern solutions, offering any size, shape, style, ornament, and form you can think of as well as custom adornments and carvings to suit your personal artistic inspiration. Alternatively, let your ideas be our muse and allow our designers to create your artwork for you.

Luxury Interior Pivot Doors

Our Materials

The Art Boulle team is recognized internationally for our quality, passion, and our complete devotion to artistry. To maintain this reputation and to guarantee your satisfaction, we only use the highest quality materials to create our pieces. Luxury hardwoods such as oak, mahogany, and cherry are adorned with accents and decorative elements, various metals, and stained or tinted glass to create wholly unique interior and exterior pivot doors. By seamlessly merging wood, metal, and glass we create the world’s most exceptional union of art and durability in a single door.

Interior Wooden Pivot Door

Why Choose Metalwork

As one of the most quickly expanding materials in the interior and exterior design sphere, metal is a timeless, durable material that is more versatile now than ever before. With a growing palate of workable metals, designers can create more sophisticated products for high-end homes and businesses. These breakthroughs can offer your home doors that provide safety, security, and durability. As we always search for originality in our metalwork, we blend traditional materials into our designs such as wood, glass, ceramics, and stone to create modern, functional pieces that emanate beauty and value. See for yourself why Art Boulle is one of the most creative names in custom exterior and interior design, and visit our gallery.

Metal and Glass Pivot Doors

Why Choose Art Boulle

With timeless, museum-ready pieces and modern, handcrafted potential, is there really any reason not to invest in an artwork from Art Boulle? We offer authentic, unique pieces for your home or business and our team is internationally recognized for our product quality and dedication to our craft. We create pivot doors worthy of history, for the highest-end homes and businesses all over the world. Our works can be seen exhibited from New York and Toronto to Dubai, London and beyond.  View our international repertoire of gates, staircases, doors, gateways and interior decor below.