Art Boulle is synonymous with quality and artistry, which is why we have come to be an internationally recognized company.  Our dedication to fine arts in home and office décor is what allows our products to adorn the hallways of the most luxurious buildings in the world.  Our masterpieces – gates, doors and interior collections, are among the most sought out by clients due to their unrivalled artistry and grace.  Our staircases, like our other creations, are custom made for the interiors they are meant for, as well as for the stylistic tastes of our clients. If you are looking for a hand carved staircase in any style, whether traditional or contemporary, we are your number one choice for unique, individual style and unrestrained artistic expression.

Our Staircases:

Made from only the finest materials by skilled artisans, our staircases have come to adorn luxury homes around the world.  Our dedication to extraordinary craftsmanship and style allows us to offer our clients the best quality products in the business. We can create custom designs for the homes and businesses of our clients, ranging stylistically from classical, ornate, contemporary to avant-garde.



How We Work:

We work one-on-one with our customers, creating customized works to suit the interior of your home or business and creating functional, yet decorative elements of design. Our skilled teams have years of experience in the field of visual art and design, and aim to create pieces of decor intended to stand as a testament to luxury, value and artistry.  Art Boulle is based on our capacity to combine antiquity with modernity by incorporating techniques passed down through generations, and retracing them through modern technology and perspective. Coming from our facility in Ecuador, our handcrafted products can range stylistically from traditional to modern, according to your needs.

Our Materials:

Using only the finest quality materials such as luxury hardwoods, prestigious metals, stained or tinted glass, hand carved elements and adorning accents and exotic tints and details, we have created a unique vision of our company based on quality and craft. Using a union of wood and metal, we not only create custom staircases and railings, but doors, doorways, gates and exterior decor and interior collections.

About Metalwork:

Metalwork is a rapidly growing business, and is quickly becoming a facet of high-end interior design. With a growing palate of workable metals, designers can create ever more sophisticated products for high end homes and business, and use these technologies to create versatile yet functional pieces. We use metalworking for its distinction and tradition, as well as the versatility it offers our company in crafting sophisticated, timeless pieces in both modern and traditional styles.


About Our Company:

Our clients respect our company’s capabilities, which is why we are a number one choice for creative aesthetics and fine craftsmanship. Offering full customization of any project, we are able to design staircases for high end luxury buildings, stylistically catering to your wants. We believe that our dedication is what makes our company capable of such quality. Our designers and craftsmen design works of beauty that are as functional as they are decorative, working one-on-one with our customers to provide an unrivalled measure of customer service and quality. We are internationally recognized, having created pieces all over the world. Our beautiful designs can be found everywhere from Toronto and New York to Dubai, London and further.