Ideas for Exterior Door Handles

New homeowners, architects and designers are continuously looking to differentiate their creations.  Reflecting their personality into the final pieces with a careful selection of materials and details is a crucial matter. Exterior Door Handles designs are the cherry on the cake for front doors; for that reason, we have curated an exclusive and luxurious selection definitely not available in Home Depot.

Modern exterior door handles

Although the following designs require customization and special manufacturing, there are companies today willing to maintaining craftsmanship alive while taking it to a different level.

modern gold and black door handle design

This solid brass exterior door handle design highlights a wooden door covered in black veneer. Geometric metal details balance this composition for a more authentic appearance.


modern exterior door handle silver aluminum

With white wood on the back, this stainless steel exterior door handles can call the attention to the door to then delight the viewer with the geometric details that adorn the top and bottom of the door.


wood exterior door design art boulle

When thinking about door handles for Canada, we might think that wood is not an option. Nevertheless, it can be done by experts that take into account the door’s exposure to weather elements, and make sure to use treated wood to ensure a long-lasting and quality product that will also be low in maintenance.

Classic Handles

classic cast iron door handle

Gothic, classic and beautiful. This design is worthy of a King’s palace. These door handles are handmade by expert cast iron artisans. First, the piece is wood craved, then a sand mould is made. Melted iron is poured into the mould to obtain a unique piece that will be later polished and coloured by hand.

Eclectic Door Handles

eclectic brass door handle

This metal handle set opens a metal door, each in different styles than complement each other. The pieces are meticulously made in brass.

eclectic door handle art boulle luxury door gold

This metal door gilded in 23k gold needed a handle that wouldn’t divert the attention from the central piece. Nevertheless, the design had to merge with the eclectic interior behind the door.

eclectic door handle design luxury

Wood and metal merge in this door’s metal handle design. Geometry, repetition and rhythm are the central themes, the black and gold colours are part of the luxury trends in the interior design trends forecasted to continue during 2020.

Vintage exterior door handles

Vintage designs are beyond shapes, they incorporate classic materials such as bronze. In this case, the shape reminds of an old french entrance who’s handle is also made to knock on the door.