2020 IDS Toronto – Our Highlights

We attended the 2020 IDS Toronto,

and these are the highlights of our visit.

The 2020 IDS Toronto show is an Interior Design celebration where new and experienced professionals gather to share what is trendy in terms of styles, materials, speakers and more. It is also a great event to catch up with recent projects and innovation in the industry. Expect as well to find friends, make new connections and have a great time, all at once.

As, always at Art Boulle, we take extreme care to provide you with top-notch accessories and finishes for those products we do not manufacture at home. For this reason, it is our priority to be at the forefront of design and visit the most important shows. At this edition of the IDS, and based on our experience, we were expecting to encounter more variety of products and services to source for the luxury projects we are working on. We hope we will find more next year or in one of our international inspirational trips! So, if you are still wondering if its worth to visit the IDS show, read ahead and see if any of these booths we have carefully selected for you, call your attention:

weavers art rugs 2020 IDS toronto

Carpets are everywhere, but not these carpets

Weaversart is and will be our top choice for luxury rugs. Their designs are unique and always add that perfect cozy touch to our interiors. We enjoy working with their team; they are always so helpful and committed to our success, making sure not only us but most importantly, you, our clients, are always 100% satisfied.

Looking for bath accessories, tiles and lighting in one place?

Canaroma gathers a unique mix of luxury suppliers of handcrafted kitchen sinks, kitchen faucets, bathtubs, toilets, spa showers bath faucets and more.  Our favourite: the Versace tiles collection and the Sherlewagner Collection.

versace tiles

Kid spaces can be gorgeous and safe

Crate&Barrel has a special kids’ section called Crate&Kids we discovered and loved. The spaces are made for them to discover, touch and have a great time. The carpet makes a perfect “falling” space where they can tumble and fall without hurting themselves. The furniture’s edges are rounded, and the bed is floor level to avoid any dangerous bed falls. These features help toddlers enjoy their super accessible beds. Another nice feature of the bedframe is the little roof that parents and kids can use to convert it in all kinds of caves and lairs.

kids furniture design

Fireplaces are already at the next level

A nice surprise that we are sure will also delight our customers is Town & Country – Luxury Fireplaces. We don’t want to spoil your visit because they did have a surprise element int their showroom, but we loved the quality and originality of their products. One of our favourites was the seethrough chimneys that can integrate interior and exterior spaces, creating even cozier atmospheres. Add a glass of wine, and there you have a memorable evening and an original exterior space to share with your loved ones.

see through fireplace IDS toronto

Luxury wine cellar design is evolving

Millesime Wine Racks is a company located in Montreal. As soon as we stepped inside their booth, we could imagine their custom designs accompanied by the right luxury features and furniture, creating unique modern spaces. As wine lovers ourselves, we understand the importance of keeping your wine collection accessible to enjoy and share.

wine rack custom design

zimart wearable architecture jewlery IDS Toronto

We found architecture is in our favourite things: jewelry

As a treat to visitors, there is a Design Milk pavilion with many creators with smaller beautiful products; we advise you to bring some cash. We stopped at one booth that had some outstanding pieces; the name of this studio is Zimarty. Their work inspired us, and we will become their fans for sure. Just take a look at this brass piece inspired in a natural pattern:

Inspiration all year round with LIVING LUXE magazine

Our good friends and collaborators from LIVING LUXE magazine presented the latest issue of the magazine. With FREE COPIES or an online subscription. We truly believe that every new issue has been better than the last. We predict nothing but great content in the future.! You can follow their Instagram account @livingluxemagazine

Luxury homes’ patios go beyond beautiful landscapes.

For instance, at Inside Out’s booth, the combination of exterior furniture under a wooden pergola is highlighted by a vertical fountain in stainless steel. The light coming from the bottom of the fountain creates beautiful and dynamic reflections,  over the metal surface. Quite unique.

patio water wall fountains


These are our highlights of the IDS Toronto show. We will keep some surprises for you and our customers. We thank all the trade partners that commit to impeccable work and help us as designers to materialize our projects.

If you are curious about the luxury design projects created by Art Boulle, here are some examples: 10 Luxury Home Interior Designs That Inspire.