What is the Process for a Luxury Interior Design Project?

luxury interior design project

What is the Process for a Luxury Interior Design Project?

Luxury is an ephemeral term and is difficult to explain, leave alone define. However, most luxury properties focus on elegance, comfort and customization to incorporate the highest degree of interior design. Read this article to know how to go about finalizing a deal for your home. But, before that, talk to a luxury interior designer for enlightening yourself on the features of a luxury property.

Comfort is the Ultimate Aim in Luxury Homes

Luxury means comfort whether you install designer style heated floor or sheets with 1000 thread count. Soft rugs and upholstery, sumptuous pillows and curtains and comfortable seating options are inviting. Check our 2020 Interior Design Trends for Luxury Homes.

The Epitome of Thoughtful Choices

A luxury space boasts well-chosen items placed at a particular area after much contemplation. There is hardly any clutter, and less is often adequate. A high-end design feels refined and thoughtful.

Personalized Design

If a luxury design has to be described in one word, it is “customizable.” Tailormade art, bespoke furniture and custom window treatments all replicate a client’s vision. They display a one-of-a-kind appearance where each aspect creates just the end product you had desired. Luxury home design allows you to include a bit of your own personality to the plate, like our selection of 10 Luxury Interior Designs to Inspire. Try out anything from a couch in contemporary fabric or using your child’s painting in a floating frame as a wall hanging.

Inviting Materials and Fabrics

Textures and colours of the fabrics and materials play a vital role in making luxury homes. While they have to be durable, rich and stylish are other imperative features. Mixing patterns as per your choice and the designers’ judgment is essential too. Add a sense of rarity without appearing unapproachable with everything you have.

Attention to detail

The coherence in a property includes attention to detail. People often overlook the ceiling in an ordinarily designed home. But, in a luxury home, if, for example, you colour the ceiling with the colour of the year PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue, it has to adhere to the colour scheme of the entire room. Besides, beautiful hardware and fixtures elevate the drabbest of spaces.  So, make sure that everything is well-planned and has a strong relationship with each other.

process for luxury interior design

The Process of Interior Design

1. Briefing

When you contact an interior designer for the first time, set out your design brief, plans, pictures, budget and the desired timespan. A design brief should include all your reference images, desired style, preferred colours and materials. In a nutshell, all the elements that will help the designer understand and visualize what you are looking for. Be it a new or a renovation project, follow the same measures. The professional seeks an accurate idea about the project, such as whether a family or just an individual will stay and the location. Inform them fully.

2. Early collaborations

Most designers come with their teams. Otherwise, introduce him or her to the builder and architect as early as possible to ensure alignment in project execution and avoid double work. Designers and architects working together can be very beneficial to obtain unique spaces since they can both adjust and create every space adjusting for each other. For example, an interior designer may want to add an arch to the room, or, on the other hand, the architect /builder would like to take the designer’s opinion on which material and finish they should use for the walls. All these details will make the difference in the final result and could even optimize the budget when all parties collaborate in the process.

3. Rendering or pre-visualization

They create 3-dimensional images, also called interior design or architectural renders, to come up with unique features. This helps them think and visualize the space. The renders tell you what to put where, an estimate of the projected cost of the work, potential, specifications and a schedule for the estimated submission of the work.

4. Material selection

Getting a clear objective in the style and finishes is crucial to creating a successful result. Therefore, the designer knowing about your expectations and preferences regarding the tone, fabrics, appeal and more such things, should show you real samples of the materials or catalogues for enlightening you about the luxury interior design, they are developing for you.  This stage will also help close the uncertainty gap about the costs that vary significantly depending on the type of materials chosen.

5. Final budget

On examining the blueprints and plan in the design, note if it complies with your financial and functional requirements or not. If they do not, suggest changes. If they do, sign the contract. An important note: to this stage, the interior designer and his/her team has invested time and resources to come up with your required design, in most cases they will require you to pay for the design. Some designers will deduct the design quote if the project is developed and executed by them. Otherwise, you will be paying for it since the work has been done, especially for you.

6. Payment for an interior design project

The next step in designing your home with luxury décor is about the payment. Interior designers usually require a 50% payment or more depending on the complications involved in the project. The reason for this down payment? They as well will have to pay for pre-orders of materials and salaries in advance for the manufacturing planning stage. Additionally, most designers won’t see the full payment until the project is fully completed, and fixed costs will keep running.

7. Purchasing and execution

Now is the time to source materials, finishes and equipment. Designers buy timber, stone, fabrics, metals, rugs, or whatever you need to dress the space. Luxury interior designers usually do not buy from regular stores. They partner with the most exclusive and the best businesses and manufacturers, also called trades, who strive to maintain the authenticity of creation. Such partners never compromise on quality.

What to Expect from a Luxury Interior Designer?

A luxury interior designer is fully dedicated and/or a person of their team to your project since they believe in proffering premium quality results for each client. You will not find them engaged in hundreds of residential designs at the same time, remember, exclusivity is intrinsic of luxury design. Additionally, since client satisfaction is their first and last intention, they resort to uniqueness in everything they cover – floors, doors, lamps, furniture and every element in every room of your home. With their assistance, you can get a luxury bathroom design or bedroom design keeping with your wishes.

Luxury sideboard in wood

Interior 1

The wooden sideboard table matches the wood wall, both in exotic wood veneers, on the wall, the simple abstract painting, contrasting with the background.

Eclectic interior design project

Interior 2

A riot of lights with two large lamps adorning the room. While the green colour of the ottoman integrates with the green carpet, the brown stool is a perfect combination with the brown colour of the sofa set. Together, the luxury furniture, the lampshades, and the candles render an illuminating aura to the room.

Art Boulle luxury Dining Room mirror wall

Interior 3

A dining room with a sophisticated dining table set for 10 people. The wooden legs of the table impart a sense of industrial touch, perfected with reliability and support. The blue chairs complement the blue stool and the blue seat of the brown chair. Adding to the charm of the room is the glass wall, reflecting the entire interior design and enhancing the apparent surface area of the room. If you want to design your dining space similarly, the luxury interior door, overlooking the balcony, is a topping on the cake.

Art boulle luxury living room

Interior 4

Your sitting room would do a makeover with paintings, lamps and industrial styled furniture. Certainly, the designer has maintained a simplistic attitude while blending the black colour of the painting with the black seats of the chairs and the settee. Conforming the disparity of the colour is the white background, the shades of the lamp, the floor, the sofa set and the glass center table.

luxury sideboard in wood veneer and white

Interior 5

Your hall room is a sign of you. Make the first room of your residence simple and spacious, marked with luxury design elements. A table on one side with wall hangings adorning it and a dark carpet on the white floor harmonize the effect in this picture

crystal chandeliers art boulle hand made

Interior 6

And you thought luxury chandeliers were only a thing of the royalty! Chandeliers can bring the beauty of the royal palaces to your home.

Decorative column in wood and metal

Interior 7

In this picture, intricately cast aluminum shapes make your columns a thing of joy to look at.


Amalgamate pleasure with style to maintain the utility and the softness of your residence. It is time to bid adieu to scratchy sheets, ugly recliners and tough carpeting for the good!