Because you asked for it, here are our 10 favourite Luxury Home Interior Designs.

We hope you get as much inspiration and great ideas from these luxury home interiors as we did while creating this list. If you would like to see more, we encourage you to visit our Instagram Account @ArtBoulle

Without further delay, here’s our curated compilation of luxurious home interior designs with different styles and from various points in time.

Design No. 1

The Elegant Collectionist

This living room, with incredible natural light, gives every piece in the room unique importance as if it was all part of a museum exhibition. Two royal blue lamp shades unify the space while challenging the unwritten norms.

What do we love about this luxury livingroom?

  • How both sofas are part of the same collection yet decided to take different paths by having different sides.
  • The amount cast aluminum artisanry in the side table structures.


Design No. 1

Unexpected Cultural Fusion

In light and golden tones primarily, this ultra-elegant living room not only mixed cultural elements, but it has also successfully mixed beautifully chosen materials that add texture and invite to keep looking.

Our favourite elements?

  • The impactful Latin artworks on the wall so elegantly framed each.
  • The coffee table looks like we took it out of a lace factory.
Design No. 3


A space where European velvet, marble, wood and glass meet classic decorations. Every piece is individually designed and although they wouldn’t seem to be part of a whole, in the end, they converge to create a luxury home interior.

What calls our attention to this livingroom?

  • The use of so very classic décor pieces like the porcelain vase over the side table.
  • The European velvet used on the seats and couch is a statement of luxury and a unifying element.
Design No. 4

Framed Nature

Beautifully integrated hand-polished wood highlights the natural and geometric shapes of this harmonic space. Just by glancing at it, it is notable that the wood and marble work are not common. The armchair woodwork, the side of the sideboard and the side table are all impeccable, shinning as if someone poured gloss on them.  All these pieces are made with the finest wood veneer and hand-polished with six layers of the shiniest polyester, a type of work only seen in the most exclusive Italian luxury furniture manufacturers.

What stood up to select this interior?

  • The balance achieved to combine materials, shapes and forms in a space that shouts elegance, modernity and classic at the same time.
Design No. 5

Tropical Scandinavia

In the focal point, two Scandinavian inspired chairs share the space with colourful elements. Combined, they tell a story about distinction and fine taste. A narrative where wooden and metal characters create a special atmosphere inside a dense jungle that surveys them from the outside.

The most special style elements found in this living room?

  • Less visible at the back, inside the dining room, are some handcrafted custom wood chairs. Each chair takes over 50 hours of craftsman’s work.
Design No. 6

Purple Dreams

A back wall panel visually broadens this luxury apartment’s bedroom. The nightstands with brass and dark wood with beautiful elongated white lamps on the top, sum to the endless details our eyes can get enough of.

Why do we think this bedroom is so special?

  • The rather small space is very well utilized. The space increases and becomes much more inviting to stay with the ottoman and sofa bench at the end of the bed.
Design No. 7

Elephant man

Mysterious and full of personality, this reception is definitely a space worthy of a conversation. This custom armchair has not only the finest upholstery but the colour selection sets it apart from many others. The sideboard virtually shines on its own, merging but bringing a luxury feel to this space.

What surprised us in this interior design?

  • How the verticality of the room is used to integrate art.
  • The originality of the sculpture and paintings which are there to be more than décor.
Design No. 8

Welcome to white

What a better way to imply luxury than a white canvas.  Only two visual elements drive your attention. On the left side, a wooden frame that ends at a metal and glass tall table.  Under the stairs, a high mirror that amplifies the space and under it, a gold, wood and marble credenza. Pure Elegance.

Why do we peer at this interior?

The transparent crystal chandelier hanging from the double height ceiling is an example of timeless beauty and design. We love how the designer keeps us intrigued to look at the credenza as it keeps you thinking the space on the mirror is real.

Design No. 9

Eclectic Luxury

This dining room is a remarkable example of how to mix and match luxury.  The theme that unifies this creation is the predominant use of beige and gray.  A cozy and welcoming element lies under the marble and metal table, an ultramodern carpet in similar colours.

Why is this dining room in our top 10?

  • The perfection of the chairs. Yes, the table is unique and beautiful from all sides, but the chairs, you can almost feel the velvet and imagine the amount of incredible work to assemble it.
  • Two very original lamps over the sideboard provide originality and let the artwork shine on its own.
Design No. 10


This livingroom is trying to tell a story. And it manages to do it. The elements are powerful on their own, and even more when combined. It is the mix of saturated colours, textures, shapes and materials that make it addictive.

What is the most special luxury home interior element here for us?

  • The white lamps on the left were made exclusively for this customer. The technique is blown glass and the challenge here was to achieve perfection for these oversized bases.

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