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Interior Design

Our team aims to transform every interior into a completely exclusive and exceptional display of art. We rely on the highest quality materials and on the absolute best craftsmanship to provide our clients with distinctive bespoke interior designs. Art Boulle offers complete customization of any project, from the beginning design to the finishing touches; to create elegant decor for the modern times.

Project Management

Art Boulle offers project management services to oversee the application of knowledge, skills, and techniques to meet interior and exterior project requirements. Our commitment is to create exclusive and bespoke designs in each project we undertake. Each piece of custom furniture, woodwork, and ironwork is created with meticulous detail and to highest level of quality; enabling us to bring each client a unique creation.

Architectural Hardware Consultation

We seek to combine antiquity with modernity while maintaining our passion for innovation. Our objective is asses and integrate high-performing patented structural system’s to each of our doors, including Fritsjurgens’s System M hidden door hinges. The system operates flawlessly with no structural requirements made to the floor or ceiling; the high load-bearing capacity of the hinge gives freedom to create pivot doors that exceed the function of a normal door and become true design statements.


Transforming renovations into luxury environments, we bring forward a team of in house designers and high-end trades to each luxury project stamped with Art Boulle’s seal of authenticity. Our objective is to create timeless and exclusive spaces that resonate with our client’s creative vision.


Art Boulle is driven by a passion for art, as we offer exceptional practices of inventiveness towards the vision of each project. We are continuously striving to create items and adornments which blend to each bespoke design created. With the capacity to create modern, Avant-garde and traditional works of art, our original pieces are meant to transform a space unlike any other.


Make your home palace

Allow our luxury experts to reflect your unique style with original pieces, the highest quality  and best in customer services

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