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What is Metal Casting?

Dating back for over 6000 years, Metal Casting is an ancient process that is used to hand produce complex shapes. Below, we share a more detailed look at each of our metal casting processes; used to design and create custom bespoke metal doors, gates, balconies, staircases, interior collections, and more.

1. Patternmaking

The pattern is a replica of the exterior of the casting, also referred to as the mold. Mold-making is a pivotal part of our process, as it allows for pieces to fit and work together. Molds are made out of wood and they are hand-crafted to uniquely represent the expression of that piece’s design. The mold is then placed around packed sand in two separate sides which join together to create a hollow impression. Once the sand is packed tightly, the mold can be removed and the hollow impression remains, otherwise known as the cast or cavity.

2. Melting & Pouring

Metal is melted to liquid form using oversized furnaces at a temperature of over 660°C (1220°F). The metal is then carefully poured through a hollow channel, called a sprue, into the sand’s cavity (previously created by the impression of the mold on the compressed sand).

3. Cooling

After some time the metal is cooled and completely solidified. A shakeout procedure is then necessary to extract the sand from around the metal cast. In order to do so, the molds undergo extensive vibrations to remove all compressed sand from the casting. The sand is collected, cooled, and reclaimed to be used in future castings.

4. Hand Work

The metal piece is free from the sand and is removed. Our artisans devote a high degree of skill to perfect the metal piece, from edge to edge. This step is perhaps the most extraordinary, as it takes tremendous attention to detail and artistry to perfect small intricate details. Many of our hand processes include re-forming, grinding, sanding, and polishing. The piece then goes through a 7 step process which involves sand blasting to prevent corrosion and rust, utilization of marine type primers, paints for extreme weather resistance, and patina finishes.


We pride ourselves on employing the most skilled artisans who have perfected their craft through generations. It’s the unflinching dedication of our craftsman that allow for the numerous steps to come together and complete a design and creation. Every ironwork piece our artisans produce is truly a work of art.