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When we hear the term architectural metalwork, most of us imagine a metal structure – usually in an industrial setting – with little to no customization. However, architectural metalwork encompasses much more than that; it is the process of shaping and reshaping materials to create artistic detailing in large scale objects, like Doors, Gates, Staircases and more. 

What is Architectural Metalwork and Metal Casting?

Architectural metalwork is a branch of metalwork, which refers to producing high-standard and well-designed structures and components from metal. This commonly includes steel, iron, magnesium, aluminium, copper, and nickel, each having their own different grades. 

Our focus is on Metal Casting, a process in which a liquid metal is delivered into a mold that contains a negative impression of the intended shape. The metal is poured into the mold through a hollow channel called a sprue. The metal and mold are then cooled, and the metal part is extracted.

Through these processes, we utilize these components to hand produce Doors, Staircases, Gates & Exteriors, Interior Furnishings and more.  

How It Enhances the Look and Feel of Your Estate

There are many benefits of using metal in structures and components. Not only does metal have a higher strength and greater heat resistance, but it also offers versatility in creating custom adornments, shapes, and carvings to suit an artistic vision.

  • Functional Yet Aesthetic

Metal has a comparatively higher level of strength than wood and other materials, which means it can be used to create durable structures that endure the test of time. It provides better strength and stability to architectural designs while giving your property a visually striking look.

  • High Degree of Customization

Whether you want to give your home a contemporary look or want to go for something more modern, metal suits both styles. It can be used to create multiple designs and components. Moreover, metal can be fabricated using a range of processes, including casting, welding, soldering, and forging, giving us more flexibility and versatility to work with.

  • Wide Range of Solutions for Both Vertical and Horizontal Planes

Architectural metalwork truly takes it up a notch by offering solutions for both vertical and horizontal planes. From intricate staircases to complex balustrades and Gates, architectural metalwork can be used to create a variety of solutions for spaces with different requirements.

  • The Royal Feel and Look

While wood has its own charm, one can simply not deny the glamour of metalwork. The material itself, coupled with the versatility it offers, can help you make a show stopping statement no matter how fancy or minimal your home interior is. It can be crafted to suit any setting – and that’s what makes it one of our favourite materials to use while designing home interiors.

Turn Your Imagination into Reality

Art Boulle is one of the leading designers worldwide when it comes to Metal Casting. We’re proud to have the world’s most extraordinary casted ornamental metalwork techniques and artisans, designed to cater to our client’s unique requirements. 

Ready to revamp your home interior or exterior? Check out our range of architectural metalwork or schedule a consultation today.