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As the saying goes, first impressions are the last impressions, and a front door can quickly become the show-stopping statement of a home or business. However, it’s not always easy to select the right modern front door that adds to the curb appeal and the interior design.

The front door is a touchpoint between the exterior and interior of a home. But unfortunately, it’s also one of the most overlooked parts of an estate.

Front Door Ideas for a Custom Interior

Follow this guide to help you select a modern front door that’ll enhance not only the exterior but also the interior design of your home:

1.  Choose a Scheme that Blends with the Interior

When it comes to custom front doors, the first thing to do is select a door design that will reflect the qualities and features of your home’s interior design.

Many clients make the mistake of opting for a grandiose door with a modern interior and vice versa, leaving the two things to look separated. Therefore, the door must be a tailor-made creation that blends with all features of the home.

With Art Boulle, the focus is on collaborating with each client to create a custom front door that fully represents the home or business’s architectural style and interior design. After all, the client is the one to view the front door the most, and so it should also be customized to their vision. 

2.  Choose the Right Finish

Look at the overall color theme of your estate. Now think about this: does the color you envision for the door match the façade of the home, or does it uniquely stand out?

You should opt for the former if you have a classy and sophisticated home exterior and wish to stay central to this theme. On the other hand, if you want to create a statement piece, you should opt for a bold color. Thus, it’s essential to select a shade that complements the estate features rather than working against them.

Also, keep in mind that your front door hints at what’s hidden inside, so the color should go well with the interior theme of your home.

3.  Pay Attention the Door’s Shape and Carvings

Modern doors are available in so many shapes and with many different carving styles. While this gives you lots of options to choose from, it can also make the task much more difficult.

A lot of individuals tend to focus on the theme and color of the door but not on the shape and carvings. Different door shapes and carvings reflect different interior styles. Hence you should pay attention to these details.

The key element which distinguishes Art Boulle’s work is our spectacular attention to detail. Hundreds of hours go into curating the perfect modern custom front door for our clients’ residence, making sure every inch boasts elegance and regality.

4.  Select the Correct Lighting

Proper door lighting can be vital to showcase the features of the door correctly. Therefore, don’t hesitate to invest in good lighting as it can help accurately portray the patina and intricacies of the custom door, like custom adornments.

The best part about lighting is the flexibility, in terms of styles, which can suit any type of door. So you can easily find something that suits your style and your door’s theme.

The Bottom Line

Designing a bespoke modern front door is no easy task, but it’s something Art Boulle excels in.

At Art Boulle, innovation and creativity are what drives us to excel. We focus on creating one-a-kind custom door designs to suit each of our client’s artistic visions.

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