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Having a home that truly reflects your taste and personality is undoubtedly one of the greatest feelings. There’s a profound sense of accomplishment attached to designing every nook and corner of your space according to your design style and preferences.

Most people tend to opt for an interior designer to help them in the process. If you have an excellent sense of design and aesthetics, then you might not even need an interior designer. But, even then, you will probably need a staircase designer. 

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How A Staircase Designer Can Help

A staircase can either be a practical compact design or the focal point of your home entrance or basement. Staircase styles can vary from modern angular designs to intricate exclusive designs which incorporate precious materials.

Designing a staircase that matches the style of your home can be a tough task, even for the interior designing pros. This is where a staircase designer comes into play. These designers specialize in curating unique staircase designs to create harmony between your staircase and other design elements of your home or commercial property.

What to Look for In A Staircase Designer

Although most interior designers also know staircase designing, not all of them can ace it. So how do you differentiate between an ordinary interior designer and someone who specializes in staircase designs? By keeping the following factors in mind:

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Prior Experience

A staircase designer needs to have several years of industry experience, as they’ll be able to bring forward a greater level of quality, creativity, and service. After all, ensure they have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to meet your staircase requirements.

But keep in mind that the reputation of the interior designer is just as important as their experience. You certainly don’t want someone who delays projects or doesn’t deliver what was required. Hence, it’s always a good idea to ask for a portfolio of projects as well as client testimonials. 


When looking for a staircase designer, it’s also important to evaluate their sense of style and see if it matches yours. Besides, to achieve a sense of harmony in your home’s interior, you and your staircase designer must share a mutual understanding of style and preferences. When it comes to staircase designers, it’s also a good idea to get a proper feel for aesthetics, working styles, and personalities.


Before you move on to selecting a staircase designer, decide when you need the project to be completed and find a designer who can set a reasonable timeframe to finish it. Of course, you should leave a margin for delays due to unforeseen circumstances, but the designer should be able to provide approximate completion dates.

Remember that communication is the key. Let your designer know of your expectations and preferred delivery date. Similarly, should there be any delays, the designer should inform you beforehand.


Based on the size and complexity of your staircase design, you should decide on a budget and communicate it to your potential staircase designer upfront. This way, you’ll save both yours – and the designer’s – time and effort. However, make sure you don’t compromise on quality because of a low budget.

Staircase Designs Inspo

Looking for some staircase design inspo? Check out some of our creations:

Staircase Style Moderne

The metal staircase was designed to be the focal point of this home interior. It features a solid zebra wood handrail with a shiny piano finish. The columns, spheres, and prisms are hand veneered using a variety of techniques passed down to our craftsmen by their ancestors. The metalwork is created using metal casting, which enabled us to achieve an extraordinary level of detail.

Staircase Style Moderne

Yorkville Collection

This is a redesigned contemporary staircase with marble stair treads and brass inlays. Here the marble treads create a beautiful art piece by having the pronounced veins follow from one tread to the other. The result? An unparalleled uniqueness that’s not found in typical staircase designs.

Yorkville Collection

Modern Elegance

This staircase features a blend of royal and modern design. From its solid wood Macassar ebony spheres to the elegant polished polyester handrail and columns, everything is exclusively designed by our expert craftsman. This custom staircase creates a sophisticated ambiance through its use of fine metalwork and jewel-like finishes, giving the home a beautiful look.

Modern Elegance

Art Boulle – The Hub of Expert Staircase Designers

Are you looking to design a custom staircase? Contact us for a design consultation or preview some of our exclusive staircase designs for more inspiration.